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 Interaktive Phylogenetic Tree of Sharks -> Family "Crocodile sharks"

The Family "Crocodile sharks"

A family with only one species, the crocodile shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai, is a very small species with very big eyes. Crocodile sharks do not possess nicitating membranes, have well developed gill slits and a long, spindle-shaped body. They have two spineless dorsal fins and weak keels on the peduncle with a precaudal pit in front of the caudal fin. The pectoral and dorsal fins are small. Crocodile sharks are abundant in epipelagic and possibly mesopelagic waters down to at least 300m depth. The biology is not well known yet but their big eyes suggests nocturnal or deepwater activity, and possibly a diel pattern of movement toward the surface at night. It is assumed that crocodile sharks feed on small fishes. They show an ovoviviparous style of reproduction (aplacental viviparity) with an intra-uterine cannibalism.

  Typical species of the family of "Crocodile sharks":

Crocodile shark
No image of Crocodile shark found in the Shark Database

The Genus of the Family Crocodile sharks
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