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 Interaktive Phylogenetic Tree of Sharks -> Family "Finback catsharks"

The Family "Finback catsharks"

Finback catsharks are similar in appearance to the catsharks, however the origin of their first dorsal fin is right behind the base of the pectoral fins. This family consists of 4 genera and 6 species. The biology of all members of this family is poorly understood. They are mainly found on the outer continental shelves and slopes of tropical to warm waters and are primarily deep water forms, preferring depths between 50m and 700m. They feed on invertebrates and small fishes. Oviparous (egg laying) and ovoviviparous (aplacental viviparous) styles of reproduction present.

  Typical species of the family of "Finback catsharks":

Cuban ribbontail catshark
No image of Cuban ribbontail catshark found in the Shark Database

The Genera of the Family Finback catsharks

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