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 Interaktive Phylogenetic Tree of Sharks -> Family "Barbelled houndsharks"

The Family "Barbelled houndsharks"

This is another family with only one species, the barbeled houndshark, Leptocharias smithii. This very slender and relatively small species has two equal-sized dorsal fins. Its horizontally oval eyes have internal nicitating eyelids. Barbeled houndsharks have slender barbels. They are found only in the Eastern Atlantic, from Mauritania down to Angola and possibly north to Morocco and including the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very common species of inshore waters down to a depth of approximately 75m. They can be found around river mouths, and prefer muddy bottoms. Barbeled houndsharks feed on fishes and crustaceans. They possess a dental sexual dimorphism where the males have greatly enlarged anterior teeth, possibly used during courtship and copulation. They give birth to live young (placental viviparity).

  Typical species of the family of "Barbelled houndsharks":

Barbeled houndshark
No image of Barbeled houndshark found in the Shark Database

The Genus of the Family Barbelled houndsharks

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