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 Interaktive Phylogenetic Tree of Sharks -> Order "Carpetsharks"

The Order "Carpetsharks"

This order represents a very diverse group with respect to size and shapes. It consists of 7 families and 13 genera comprising 34 species.
Carpet sharks have barbels and spiracles, holes located behind their eyes, to suck in water. This order consists of 5 families with more than 30 species. Assorted members of this group include species such as whale sharks, nurse sharks, and zebra sharks.

  Typical species of the order of "Carpetsharks":

Whale shark

The Families of the "Carpetsharks"
  • Collared carpetsharks (Parascyllidae) > more

  • Blind sharks (Brachaeluridae) > more

  • Wobbegongs (Orectolobidae) > more

  • Bamboosharks (Hemiscyllidae) > more

  • Zebra sharks (Stegostomatidae) > more

  • Nurse sharks (Ginglymostomatidae) > more

  • Whale sharks (Rhiniodontidae) > more

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