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Endangered Shark Species The Search for "CR" produced 6 Hits

 Sharks in the Red List: Red List
#English NameSpecies NameMayor CodeMinor CodeVersionTrend
1Bizant river sharkGlyphis sp. nov. ACRC2a(i)  3.1 (2001)Declining
2Dumb gulper sharkCentrophorus harrissoniCRA2bd A3d A4bd3.1 (2001)Declining
3Ganges sharkGlyphis gangeticusCRA1cde A2cde C2b2.3 (1994)Unknown
4New Guinea River sharkGlyphis sp. nov. CCRC2a(i)  3.1 (2001)Declining
5Pondicherry sharkCarcharhinus hemiodonCRA2acd C2a(i) 3.1 (2001)Unknown
6Striped dogfishMustelus fasciatusCRA2abd A3bd A4abd3.1 (2001)Declining

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