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 Borneo shark (Carcharhinus borneensis)

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Borneo shark
No image of Borneo shark found in the Shark Database
 Range Map

Earth Map


Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata)

Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes)
  Order: Ground sharks (Carcharhiniformes)
    Family: Requiem sharks (Carcharhinidae)
      Genus: Carcharhinus (Carcharhinus)


Scientific: Carcharhinus borneensis
German: Borneohai
English: Borneo shark
French: Requin-tigre houareau
Spanish: Tiburón de Borneo


A small and slender shark with a long,pointed snout. Pores along the corners of the mouth are enlarged. First dorsal fin is moderately large and triangular shaped, apex is broadly rounded. Origin over or slightly behind insertion of pectoral fins. Pectorals are small and falcate. Second dorsal fin relatively small, its origin lays over or slightly behind the midbase of the anal fin. No interdorsal ridge present.


Brown colored back, white belly. Tip of first dorsal fin and dorsal caudal margin dusky colored. Pectorals, pelvic, and anal fins possess light edges. No conspicuous markings present.


Indo-Western Pacific: Borneo, China, possibly the Philippines and Java.


A little known species. Lives presumably inshore. Biology virtually unknown.




Probably up to 1m.


Most likely viviparous.

 Similar Species

Other small carcharhinids in this area look similar and taxonomic features have to be used to clearly distinguish among the species.


Status in the IUCN Red List(1994):

Main criterion: > EN (Endangered)
Sub criterion: C2b
Trend: Unknown

 Danger to Humans


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