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  Each year more than 600,000 to 700,000 tons of sharks are caught and slaughtered. This is the equivalent of more than 100 million sharks per year. Three sharks die each second.
Since January 1, 2021, this amounts to
clock   animals.
Many shark species can no longer compensate these losses through the number of their offspring.

Net 1 Net 2 Bycatch
Sharks often remain caught in fishing nets. Strangled in the nets, they die miserably. Suffocated and as undesired bycatch they are thrown overboard.
Hooked Fintrade 1 Fintrade 2
They are caught and beaten to death. Their fins are cut off, often while they are still alive. Their mutilated bodies are thrown back into the ocean to die in agony. The fins of a shark represent only 4-7 % of its actual body weight.
Fintrade 3 Fintrade 4 Just for Fun
But finning is profitable. The rest of the shark is usually thrown away. Sharks are often killed "just for fun".
Game fishing Shark fishing competition Garbage
Many machos need to boost their ego by claiming victory over a shark. The result of a shark angling competition -   - almost always winds up in the garbage!!

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