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    Foundation's purpose is to contribute to the protection and preservation of sharks Sitemap  Sitemap 

Three sharks die every second. Since first of January 2021, this amounts to
clock animals.

Silky Shark
Silky Shark  © Doug Perrine

As you read these lines, clock2 sharks will die - either because of their fins, as bycatch of swimming fish factories, for ineffective medicinal cartilage powder or through the destruction of their natural habitats.

 Welcome to the Shark Foundation
The Shark Foundation has been committed to the protection and research of sharks since 1997 and sees itself as the sharks' lobby.

Sharks are not a threat to humans!
Finning   Longline
Humans are a threat to sharks!

Without the ecologically important control mechanism exercised by sharks, our oceans would be in danger. Help us to protect these fascinating "hunted hunters".

The Shark Foundation was established to actively protect and research endangered shark species and and preserve their natural habitats.
 Activities of the Shark Foundation

The Foundation informs here and with the touring exhibit > "Sharks - the hunted Hunters". In addition to other shark protection missions, the Foundation specifically supports > international research and other projects which serve shark protection.


  Shark Foundation is the official representative of Switzerland to the > European Elasmobranch Association (EEA).


Sep 17:
> Annual report 2017

Updated list of the
> Scientific Publikations


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Sharks can no longer compensate the losses suffered in all of their habitats.
Many shark species are endangered - some are even on the verge of EXTINCTION !

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