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Endangered Shark Species
Status January 10, 2005 (>

The Red List of the IUCN (The World Conservation Union) contains the names of endangered animal and plant species, and unfortunately includes many shark species. The degree of endangerment to the various species is determined on the basis of seriously documented criteria (see > Red List Criteria).

Endangered Shark Species

The "International Action Plan for Sharks" initiated by CITES and the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) have established that:
  1. more than 100 out of 400 shark species are being commercially exploited
  2. many of these shark species are so overexploited that even their long-term survival can no longer be guaranteed
  3. a serious monitoring and control program is lacking for international shark trade.

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 Sharks in the Red List: 201 Red List
#English NameScientific NameMayor CodeMinor CodeVersionTrend
25Bluntnose sixgill sharkHexanchus griseusLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
26Borneo catsharkApristurus platyrhynchusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
27Borneo sharkCarcharhinus borneensisENC2b  2.3 (1994)Unknown
28Bramble sharkEchinorhinus brucusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
29Brazilian sharpnose sharkRhizoprionodon lalandiiDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
30Bristly catsharkBythaelurus hispidusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
31Broadgill catsharkApristurus riveriDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
32Broadhead catsharkBythaelurus clevaiDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
33Broadmouth catsharkApristurus macrostomusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
34Broadnose catsharkApristurus investigatorisDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
35Broadnose sevengill sharkNotorynchus cepedianusDD  2.3 (1994)Unknown
36Brown catsharkApristurus brunneusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
37Brown catsharkBythaelurus lutariusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
38Brown shysharkHaploblepharus fuscusLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
39Brownbanded bamboosharkChiloscyllium punctatumNT  3.1 (2001)Declining
40Bull sharkCarcharhinus leucasLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
41Bulldog catsharkApristurus sp. nov. EDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
42Caribbean roughsharkOxynotus caribbaeusDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
43CatsharkChiloscyllium indicumNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown
44Chilean angel sharkSquatina armataDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
45Chilean catsharkSchroederichthys chilensisDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
46Copper sharkCarcharhinus brachyurusNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown
47Coral catsharkAtelomycterus marmoratusNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown
48Cosmopolitan spurdogSqualus megalopsDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
49Crocodile sharkPseudocarcharias kamoharaiLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
50Crown sharkSphyrna coronaNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown

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