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 Shark Foundation Projects from 1998 to 2021

The Shark Foundation supports or manages its own projects which serve to protect sharks. Projects of a scientific nature are designed to extend our knowledge on sharks so that we can find ways of protecting them more effectively. Others are designed to help improve the image of sharks and provide the public with information, including their important role in the oceans' ecosystem and the current threat to the very existence of many shark species.

Whenever necessary, Shark Foundation projects are examined by the Foundation's > scientific advisory committee which is composed of highly qualified shark researchers and scientists.

Scientific Projects:

Protection and Public Relations:

> Shark tissue identification

  "What kind of shark was that and where did it come from?" Both fishing experts and customs inspectors are called upon to answer this question when examining a load of already processed sharks. > more
> Migrations of basking shark around England/Scotland

  Migration of basking sharks in the warters around England and Scotland: where are the giant sharks migrating to and why? > more
> Behavior of lemon sharks off the coast of Jupiter, FLorida

  Can we learn to better understand shark behavior by analyzing the lemon shark populations off the coast of Jupiter, Florida? > >more
> Whale shark reserve in Mozambique

  How big has the planned marine protected area for whale sharks have to be to be effective? We have to answer this question for the government of Mozambique. > more
> Bull shark tagging, Fiji

  How do the bull shark populations in Fiji live and where do they migrate to? > more
> Shark nurseries in Rookery Bay, Florida

  What impact do long-term changes of an ecosystem have on shark nurseries? > more

> Angel sharks, Canary islands

  Many Angel shark species are close to extinction. How can we protect the Angel sharks around the Canary islands. > more

> Nurse sharks Dry Tortugas

  Female nurse sharks mate in shallow lagoons of the Dry Tortugas in June and July. Some of these females return to the same lagoons in autumn to bask in the warm shallow waters. > more

> Diet of juvenile lemon sharks

  In the last ten years the construction work of a mega resort destroyed a large amount of the mangrove and the diet of juvenile lemon sharks has significantly changed. > more

> Shark marine reserve, Fiji

  Shark Reef on Fiji:How a marine reserve for sharks can be beneficial to sharks, tourists and the local population. > more
> Travelling exhibit: "Sharks - the hunted hunters"

  The foundations travelling exhibition "Sharks - the hunted hunters" could be shown in 11 cities in Germany and Switzerland. > more
> Online Shark Database

  The Online Shark Database comprises data on biology, state of the degree of endangerment and distribution data of presently 225 shark species. 58 species are documented with photographs. > more

Terminated Projects of the Shark Foundation

    > Terminated Projects since 2000

We need your help in order to carry out the various projects. You can support individual projects directly by noting the respective donation code on the > deposit slip or > bank transfer.

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